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What's the Zinc Level of Mobil 1 15W-50?
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What's the Zinc Level Mobil 1 15W-50?
Hello, I read your answer about ZDDP and phosphorus levels. You even list the phosphorus level in your table, but you show no listing for the level of zinc. Other oil companies also list their zinc level. I would like to know the zinc content in your 15W-50 oil. I would like the level for the gold cap and the silver cap separately. I drive a car that is over 20 years old and the answer is important to me. Thank you, Jerry
-- Jerry Baer, Hollywood, FL
The important element here is the phosphorus since it is the active antiwear additive.  That's why we show phosphorus as well as zinc.  The zinc content is in the range of 0.12 - 0.13 weight percent (1200 - 1300 ppm). (Mobil 1 Extended Performance 15W-50 [gold cap] was discontinued about May 2009.)
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