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Car Care
Do you like to work on your car or truck? Are you a seasoned pro or new to Do-it-Yourself car care? Either way, we've got you covered. There's plenty of interesting information and ongoing contests conveniently grouped together here at Car Care.
This Winter, Don’t Get Your Car Stuck Before It Gets Started
Notes From The Road
Removing Rust and Paint
By Harold Pace/
Sandblasting or Chemical Dipping - Which is Better?

Before you can begin restoring an older vehicle, you’ll need to strip off all the old layers of paint and rust from the body and frame. Sure, you can grind away with wire brushes and sandpaper, but these methods take forever and make a huge mess. Better options consist of either dipping or blasting.
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Mercury Marauder | Using Mobil 1™ Synthetic Oil
Winner, July 2014
Gems Marauder
"Gems Marauder"

Vehicle: 2003 Mercury  Marauder
Owned by: Billy Mendoza, Naples, FL

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Bolt Torque
Do-It-Yourself Projects
Rear Axle Noise: Isolating the Problem
By Wayne Scraba/
How to Diagnose and Isolate a Rear Axle Noise Problem -
Noise and clatter from the rear axle of a car or light truck isn't the norm. If you hear strange sounds emanating from the back end of your vehicle, it really is something to be concerned with. On a brighter note, plenty of noise you first think is coming from the rear axle assembly can actually be attributed to other causes. Even better, the majority of problems that actually originate inside the rear end can be diagnosed by listening to the sounds while driving. There is a caveat: When turning your attention to rear axle noise and isolating the problem, use an open stretch of road with no traffic.
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Easy120 minutes
Question of the week
Question of the Week
Who did ExxonMobil team up with for the latest installment of the TOONED video series?
Corvette Racing
GMG Racing
McLaren Mercedes
None of the Above
Need for a Shortened First Drain Interval After Switching to Mobil 1 Extended Performance?
Ask Mobil
Replacement Oil for Lucas Hub Oil 10088

Oil Change Intervals When Racing Motorcycles

Replacement for Gear Case and Chain Case Oils

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Car Care | Frequently Asked Questions

Car Care FAQs
Why do you have to change your motor oil on a regular basis?

Is a "straight weight" oil synonymous with a non-detergent oil?

What role does viscosity play in a motor oil?

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Used Oil Recycling
Used Oil Recycling
Enter your Zip Code to find a recycling facility near you.
Adventure Driving - Mongol Rally

“After driving nearly 18,000 kilometers, on a 1.3-liter engine, it’s pretty clear we made the right call to use Mobil 1,” said adventure driver Scott Brady after completing the Mongol Rally. See how this exciting adventure that took them halfway around the world in a Suzuki Jimny relied on Mobil 1.
Zinc/ZDDP Levels in Motor Oil

We receive many questions about zinc levels in today's motor oils from the owners of racing or high-performance vehicles.  See our answer to this question in our regular feature, Ask Mobil, and a table for comparing the phosphorous levels in Mobil 1.
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