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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Air Filter Fundamentals
By Mike Bumbeck /
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Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Basic Tips and Tricks for Easy Engine Breathing

There is no great mystery to the operation of an internal combustion automobile engine. An automobile engine is essentially an air pump. The pistons and valves work together to draw in and expel air into the combustion chambers as the engine assembly spins round on the crankshaft. The faster this assembly spins, the more air the engine can draw through. Add fuel to this air pump - in the right amount to spark at the correct moment – and the internal combustion equation is complete. Power! With so much air being drawn into the engine from the outside, it is of utmost importance this air enters the engine as clean as possible. It is also important that this flow of air is not restricted in any way.
Air Filter Fundamentals
Front Line Defense
The front line of defense an engine has to fight dirty air with is the air filter. Every molecule of air entering the engine comes through the air filter. Not only does the air filter scrub the incoming air of harmful particulates, it also allows the incoming air to flow freely. Since every bit of crud in the air flowing into the engine stays in the filtration material the air filter is made from, the air filter must be replaced at regular intervals. A dirty and clogged air filter not only loses its ability to clean incoming air, but also offers a restriction to incoming flow. This restriction can result in poor engine performance and loss of efficiency. The good news is that changing an air filter is easy and inexpensive.
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