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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Auto Wiring and Weatherpack-Style Connectors
By Wayne Scraba/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Strip the Wire: Prior to assembling the connector, strip the wire first. The crimping pliers offer several different locations for stripping different gauges of wire. Remove approximately 3/16-inch of insulation away.
Strip Wire Using Crimping Pliers
Slide the Cable Seal onto the Wire: Examine the orientation of the seal: The sealing ribs should face away from the stripped portion of the wire.
Sealing Ribs Should Face Away from Stripped Wire
Slip the Pin Terminal into the Tool: Face the engraved side of the tool toward you and open it completely. Slip the pin terminal into position from the opposite (unmarked) side of the tool. Place the pin conductor tabs (the inner set on the pin terminal on the "B" anvil marked on the tool surface. Line up the terminal so that the circular portion of the tabs rests in the curved surface of the anvil. The two tabs should face up into the pointed side of the anvil. Next, close the tool very slightly. The idea here is for the tool to lightly grasp the pin terminal.
Face the Engraved Side of the Tool Toward You
Insert the Wire into the Pin Terminal: Move the seal forward to the end of the wire insulation (to the point where the wire has been stripped away). Push the wire into the pin terminal to a point where the seal stops in the insulation tabs.
Insert the Wire into the Pin Terminal
Crimping the Wire into the Pin: Next, crimp the wire into the pin by slowly squeezing the handles. Squeeze the handles until the jaws of the pliers have fully closed. The crimp can be tested by pulling back on the wire. Obviously, if nothing moves, you've made a proper crimp. If the wire moves in the terminal, it’s best start again. You can either use a new terminal pin or attempt to straighten the original one (usually easier said than done).
Crimping the Wire into the Pin
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