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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Battery Box Replacement
By Dan Burrill/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time240 minutes
240 minutes
How-To Steps
As you can see from the photos, this is a fairly straightforward project that can be done in an afternoon without too much trouble. The upside is that once complete, other than simple maintenance, the job should never have to be done again.
Photo 1 - After 30-plus years, this is what remained of the original steel battery tray after we removed the old battery.
Original Steel Battery Tray
Photo 2 - With some rust, but no serious metal damage, the area under the battery hold-down tray is in pretty good condition.
Area Under Battery Hold-down Tray Has Some Rust but No Serious Metal Damage
Photo 3 - Using a stiff wire brush or a hobby sandblaster, clean the area to get rid of all rust and dirt. Once the bare metal is exposed, paint with a rust inhibiter. Rubberized undercoating also works very well. The area can then be painted any color desired.
Clean the Area to Get Rid of All Rust and Dirt
Photo 4 - A new steel tray brace is painted and bolted on.             
New Steel Tray Brace is Painted and Bolted On
Photo 5 - Here are two popular replacement trays. Both are made of hard plastic. The one on the right is a basic tray that comes with the hold-down unit. The one on the left, originally made for marine use, is also used in race and custom vehicles because it offers more protection and a cleaner look.
Two Popular Replacement Trays Made of Hard Plastic
Photo 6 - Position the tray in the fender well and check for fit, then drill the new mounting holes. Use stainless steel nuts and bolts to prevent corrosion. Bolt the tray in place.
Position the Tray in the Fender Well, Drill New Mounting Holes and Bolt Tray in Place
Photo 7 - Now we are ready to install the battery and attach the hold-down plate. Clean and inspect the battery posts and terminals until they are nice and bright. Next, attach the positive battery cable followed by the negative. Now the job is done.
Install the Battery and Attach Hold-Down Plate
Photo 8 - If you decide to use the marine or racing style battery box, place it over the new battery tray. Drill the corresponding holes and, using the same stainless steel nuts and bolts, attach the battery box and tray to the fender well. Next, refer to the previous photo to finish the battery install. Put the cover over the box and attach the nylon hold-down strap.
If Using the Marine or Racing-Style Battery Box, Place it Over the Battery Tray, Bolt into Place and Attach Cover
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