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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Cleaning Engine Throttle BodiesPrintable version
Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time45 minutes
45 minutes
Tools Required
  • Screwdrivers, Torx bits or Torx screwdrivers, combination or socket wrenches - this will vary depending upon the fasteners used to connect the throttle body to the intake "plumbing."
  • Toothbrush or small, soft parts-cleaning brush. Note: Some auto parts stores sell specific throttle-body cleaning brushes. Some throttle bodies have special coatings that can be marred by hard-bristle brushes.
  • Eye protection.
  • Flashlight.
  • Throttle-body cleaner. This should be available at your auto parts supply store or auto dealership parts department. Do not use carburetor cleaner.
  • Household oil.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Paper towels.
  • Rubber gloves.
The Oil That's Changing Oil
The Job
Park your car outside with plenty of space to work around each side of the engine compartment.
  1. As a safety precaution, disconnect the ground terminal (negative) of your vehicle's battery.
The Oil That's Changing Oil
  1. Locate and label any small hoses that attach to the throttle body or to the air ducts that you must remove in order to gain access to the throttle body. You can either use masking tape and mark each hose and coupling, or buy specific labeling tape that helps you remember which hose goes with which nozzle/coupling.
The Oil That's Changing Oil
  1. Remove the air duct that attaches to the throttle body. Be very careful to avoid disconnecting any electrical wires or terminals. The air duct to the throttle body is usually held in place with some type of hose clamp which can be loosened with a screwdriver, Torx-head wrench, Allen wrench or other hand tool. Sometimes the air duct is pressed into place, and can be removed with some gentle twist and pull movements. In some cases, both sides of the throttle body are connected to air ducts by means of hose clamps; in this case, you only need to remove one side to expose the throttle body for cleaning.
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