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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Using a Coolant Filter Install
By Steve Temple/
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Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Apply Teflon thread tape to the hose fittings and secure them to the filter holder.
Apply Teflon Thread Tape to the Hose Fittings
Attach a bracket to the passenger side of the radiator.             
Attach a Bracket to the Radiator's Passenger Side
After lubricating the gasket of the coolant filter, spin it on the filter holder.
Spin the Coolant Filter's Lubricated Gasket on the Filter Holder
Secure the holder with the filter to the bracket.            
Securing the Holder with the Filter the Bracket
Mark the heater hose (that runs parallel to the intake runner) with half-inch tape to indicate how much to cut out.
Mark the Heater Hose with Tape Indicating Amount to be Cut Out
After cutting out the half-inch section, install a T-fitting with the supplied gear clamps.
Cutting Out a Section of the Heater Hose to Install a T-Filtting
Cut the coolant hose running to the degas bottle about three inches from the radiator, and install a 3/8th-inch T-fitting with hose clamps.
Cutting the Coolant Hose to Install a T-Fitting with Hose Clamps
Route the end of the hose to the filter.             
Routing the Coolant Hose to the Filter
Connect the hose from the T-fitting on the heater hose to the other fitting on the filter holder.
Connecting the Hose from the T-Fitting on the Heater Hose to the Fitting on the Filter Holder
This shows how the finished install should look. Use zip ties to secure the hoses away from hot metal.
Finished Coolant Filter System
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