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Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time15 minutes
15 minutes
Now on to some fundamental tools and materials to help protect you and your possessions as you work on your favorite vehicle.
Proper Clothing
If you are using an electric drill, grinder or hand-held rotary tool, wear a tight-fitting T-shirt or, in colder weather, a sweatshirt. Drill bits and wire wheels can easily catch a loose shirt and wind up the material around your hand, locking it to the drill until it stops. Don't be tempted to use the trigger lock on a power tool; this could result in a very sore hand or wrist if you catch your clothing or part of the vehicle with the drill locked in the "on" position.
Hand Protection
When removing parts that are greasy or oily, use latex rubber gloves. They give you better grip, and protect your hands from contaminants. Try using these disposable gloves for an oil change, and you will be impressed by how clean your hands stay, and how much easier it is to handle the filter and drain plug. Use latex rubber gloves with all solvents when prepping a surface to be painted and when you paint. They are great for keeping paint off your fingers .
If you are removing heavy parts (such as tires) or are trying to loosen large fasteners in tight areas, use a good pair of auto mechanic work gloves. They help protect the knuckles and can give you better grip on tools and the parts you are removing or replacing on your vehicle. At the same time, they are still sensitive enough to hand-start small nuts and bolts. If you try these once, you will be sold on them.
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