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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Project NameDegree of DifficultyEstimated Time
Thread Repair 101
Fixing Stripped Threads and Broken Bolts - If you've been working on automobiles for any time at all, you've probably experienced the letdown of stripped and damaged threads. Go to tighten a bolt and ...
Difficult240 minutes
Difficult240 Minutes
Replacing Brake Shoes
Friction Surface R&R on Drum-Style Brakes -   Brakes are one of a vehicle's most important parts. They probably have the toughest job: stopping thousands of pounds of metal, p...
Moderate240 minutes
Moderate240 Minutes
Rear Axle Noise: Isolating the Problem
How to Diagnose and Isolate a Rear Axle Noise Problem - Noise and clatter from the rear axle of a car or light truck isn't the norm. If you hear strange sounds emanating from the back end of your vehi...
Easy120 minutes
Easy120 Minutes
Clutch Repair and Replacement
Repairing the On-Again-Off-Again Engagement - Think of the clutch as a switch between your engine and the transmission. Every time you press on the clutch pedal, you turn the switch off, and no engine...
Difficult240 minutes
Difficult240 Minutes
Guide to Transmission and Axle Service
Though Often Overlooked, These Two Elements are as Important as Changing the Oil -  There has long been intense focus on frequent engine oil changes every 3,000-5,000 miles. In trut...
Moderate180 minutes
Moderate180 Minutes
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