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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Project NameDegree of DifficultyEstimated Time
Using a Coolant Filter Install
Avoid High Temps and Clogs on the Cooling System -  While an oil filter makes obvious sense for keeping soot and other contaminants out of your engine’s crankcase, in some instances a filter for a coo...
Easy120 minutes
Easy120 Minutes
Pedal Pushers
Making the Switch to a Stick Shift - What should you do when you’re stuck with an automatic transmission on your vintage musclecar and you really want a manual? Simple. Make the swap. The big pieces a...
Difficult240 minutes
Difficult240 Minutes
Installing Electronic Ignitions
Ditch Point-Triggered Ignition in Your Classic Car and Get New Reliability and Performance - Electronic ignition is one of the great innovations to come in the history of the automobile. Transistorize...
Moderate180 minutes
Moderate180 Minutes
10 Fast-Quick Ways to Increase Engine Performance
– Getting More Power From Your Engine Is Easier Than You Think A lot of performance promises have been made since the advent of the internal combustion engine more than a century ago: miracle lubrican...
Moderate240 minutes
Moderate240 Minutes
Choosing the Right Headers
This oft-debated subject of choosing the right headers has been an element of bench racing for ages. Which headers make the most power? Long-tube or short-tube? Equal-length or conventional? What size...
Moderate300 minutes
Moderate300 Minutes
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