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What's the Difference? How to Change Differential Oil
By Mike Bumbeck/
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Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time45 minutes
45 minutes
Olfactory Advice
A final note is that all differential gear oils possess a particular odor that may or may not appeal to your senses. Sulfur compounds used in extreme pressure lubricants smell either like rotten eggs or worse depending on additive concentration. A good call is to wear clothes you can throw away and not get any gear oil anywhere you don't want to smell it for a while. This applies in particular to the interior of the vehicle. If for some odd reason you like the smell of rotten eggs, you'll absolutely love the smell of gear oil. If not, then take the proper precautions to avoid the lingering reminder of a gear oil change.
Step 1 - Secure the vehicle on jack stands or ramps. Locate the differential drain bolt. Loosen and remove.
Locate Differential Drain Bolt
Step 2 - Allow time for the gear oil to completely drain. Replace the drain bolt. Wipe any excess gear oil from the case.
Allow Oil to Completely Drain
Step 3 - Locate and remove the gear oil fill bolt.
Remove Gear Oil Fill Bolt
Step 4 - Use a pump to slowly add the recommended type of gear oil to the differential.
Use Pump to Add Gear Oil
Step 5 - Add the recommended amount of gear oil to the differential, or until gear oil starts to dribble out of the fill hole.
Add Gear Oil to Differential
Step 6 - Reinstall and tighten the fill hole bolt. Wipe off any excess gear oil from the case.
Reinstall and Tighten Fill Hole Bolt
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