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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Simple Spoiler Install
By Mike Bumbeck/
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Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Step 1 - Park the car in the shade and allow paint to cool. Clean the mounting surface with some automotive paint grease remover or a small amount of naptha to remove wax and grease. Test any solvent first in an inconspicuous area. Never apply any solvent to hot automotive painted surfaces.
Park the Car in the Shade to Cool Down Paint; Clean The Surface
Step 2 - Find the center of the trunk with measuring tape. Apply some masking tape and mark the center with a pencil or marker. Measure and mark the center of the spoiler using the same method. In this way there won't be one side of the trunk that ends up with more spoiler than the other.
Find the Center of the Trunk
Step 3 - Flip over the spoiler and cut just the outside covering of the adhesive strips. Peel back the strips just far enough so that they can extend from underneath the spoiler. This will allow for mounting of the pressure sensitive adhesive on the center, but still allow for positioning as the spoiler is installed.
Flip Over the Spoiler and Cut Just the Outside Covering of the Adhesive Strips
Step 4 - Turn the spoiler back over and carefully place it on the trunk so that the marked centerlines match up. The adhesive is pressure sensitive. Don't apply downward pressure until everything is lined up. Make sure the adhesive strips extend far enough to be pulled from under the spoiler.
Turn the Spoiler Back Over and Carefully Place it on the Trunk so the Marked Centerlines Match Up
Step 5 - Test the centering of the spoiler to make sure the ends will line up. Press down on the center line. Use more masking tape to mark the edge of the trunk line and to act as a guide. Pull the adhesive coverings out from under the spoiler while lining it up with the edge of the trunk lid. Work one side of adhesive strip at a time from the center of the trunk out.
Work One Side of the Adhesive Strip at a Time from the Center of the Trunk Out
Step 6 - Once everything is lined up and looking good remove the masking tape used for marking. Use a clean cloth to apply downward pressure along the length of the spoiler taking care not to scratch the paint. Pressure will help the adhesive take hold of the trunk lid and prevent any flying aero bits.
Remove Masking Tape.  Apply Light Pressure to Spoiler Adhesive Strip
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