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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Replacing Automotive Carpet
By Mike Bumbeck/
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Degree of DifficultyDifficult
Estimated Time300 minutes
300 minutes
Step 2 - Remove the bolts that hold down the seats, seat belts, and anything else on top of the carpet.
Remove the Bolts Holding Down the Seats and Seat Belts, etc.
Step 3 - Screws and fasteners may be hiding. Find and remove them first before attempting to pull out things that are still bolted down.
Screws and Fasteners May Be Hiding
Step 4 - Yar, buried treasure! One never knows what might be found. Forty-two cents was better than nothing.
You May Find Buried Treasure Like Money
Step 5 - With everything on top of the carpet removed, remove the carpet.
Remove the Carpet
Be Careful
Once the carpet is removed, careful and well thought out measuring will have to be done before making the first cut and installing the replacement. This will of course vary with the complexity of the interior. Aftermarket model specific replacement carpets do not usually come with all the holes and cutouts in them required to put the seats, center consoles, stick shift boots, and so on back into place. A good method is to attempt to fit the replacement carpet before making the first cut or mark. Mistakes occasionally happen, but no one is going to accept a carpet return once the first cut has been made.
Careful measuring of the floor pan and original carpet and marking the replacement with some chalk is the path to take before making the first cut. Measure it twice, cut it once. Do not use a power drill to put holes in carpet. Two things can happen, neither one of them good. Either the threads will quickly wrap around the bit and the carpet thread will unravel like a wool thread from grandma's sweater, or the bit will grab the carpet, wrap around the drill, and attempt to take your arm with it. It is most certainly the case that obstacles particular to your vehicle and not mentioned here will attempt to block the path to springtime fresh and luxurious carpet. Replacing an automotive carpet is not an easy job, but with methodical patience it can be done.
Step 6 - In this case, the floor pan was in good shape. No rust.
Floor Pan is in Good Shape with No Rust
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