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Replacing a RadiatorPrintable version
Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Point of No Return #2
If you cannot remove the fan shroud, stop and reassemble any pieces that you've removed and refill the radiator with a mix of antifreeze and water. Let a professional technician do the job for you.
  1. If your vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission, check for metal lines running into the radiator side tank. There should be nuts at the end of these lines that disconnect the lines from the radiator side tank. You may need to use a specialty wrench, called a flare-nut wrench, to get a decent grip on these nuts without damaging the lines.
  1. Now remove the radiator mounting bolts or clamps. These can usually be reached with a combination wrench or socket wrench. You may need an extension on the socket wrench to reach past the radiator side tanks.

  2. At this point you should be able to slide the radiator upward and out of the vehicle. Be careful, since there may still be some coolant in the radiator or the disconnected hoses.
Remove the Radiator Mounting Bolts or Clamps
  1. Be sure to save any rubber mounting pads that may be stuck to the radiator brackets. You will need these when you mount the replacement radiator.

  2. If you are using a replacement radiator, make sure that is identical to the old one that you just removed. Compare the exact size as well as the placement and type of fittings, and the mounting brackets.
  1. Install the replacement radiator using the rubber pads and mounting bolts and clamps that you removed. Tighten the bolts approximately as tight as they were when you loosened them.

  2. If equipped, reconnect the automatic transmission lines. Tighten them as tight as they were originally.

  3. If equipped, replace the electric cooling fans. Be sure to route the wires exactly as they were originally.
Install the Replacement Radiator
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