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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Fiberglass Restoration
By Dan Burrill/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time180 minutes
180 minutes
Step 1 - First, do a visual inspection. Next, set the body on a flat, level floor.
Set the Body Level on the Floor
Step 2 - Set one level on each rod to check the back and the front of the cab for warp. If there is minor warp, it may be corrected when the body is bolted to the frame. Serious warp may require additional metal bracing to be attached inside the body to bring the body back to standard.
Check for Warping
Step 3 - This is what the rod and level should look like for the most accurate measurements.
Rod and Level Should Look Like This for Accurate Measurements
Step 4 - Start with the left rear and record the measurement from the rod to the floor. Needless to say, the right side should be the same as the left. Plastic, nylon, or rubber spacers or DuraGlass can be used to raise the lower corner if one side or the other is lower. Rubber bushings also work well for this.
Measure from the Rod to the Floor
Step 5 - Measure the left front to the floor and check the measurement with the right front.
Measure the Left Front to the Floor
Step 6 - Now measure from front to rear on both sides.                                 
Now Measure From Front to Rear on Both Sides
Step 7 - Measure diagonally right front to left rear and then reverse.
Measure Diagonally Right Front to Left Rear
Step 8 - The tape tells us that the extension that was glassed into the front from the firewall to the cowl is off. The upper right side is almost one inch shorter than the left. The short spot turned out to be only in the upper right corner of the firewall and it was fixable with a fiberglass patch and DuraGlass.
Tape Shows One Side Shorter Than the Other
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