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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Seat Belt Replacement
By Mike Bumbeck/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time240 minutes
240 minutes
Step 1 - This seatbelt had obviously outlived its useful life. The best and easiest method is to get a factory replacement. In this case a universal replacement was used. This vehicle was not equipped with airbags.
 A Frayed Seatbelt That Has Outlived Its Useful Life
Step 2  - Removing the four bolts that hold the seat in and the seat itself may be a good option if seatbelt mounting bolts on the body are difficult to access.
Remove the Bolts that Hold the Seat in if the Seatbelt Mounting Bolts on the Body Are Difficult to Access
Step 3 - Removing interior panels may also be required to access seatbelt components. Having the seat out of the way also makes this easier.
Removing Interior Panels May Also be Required
Step 4 - On a three-point harness there are three mounting bolts. Simply remove the old bolts and replace the worn out seat belt parts with the new.
Remove the Old Bolts from the Three-Point Harness and Replace the Worn Out Seat Belt Parts with the New
Step 5 - Check for proper seatbelt operation. Do not drive any vehicle with improperly installed seatbelts. Never attempt to disable any factory warning systems.
Check for Proper Seatbelt Operation
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