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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Steering Wheel Install
By Dan Burrill/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time180 minutes
180 minutes
Practical Steps:
Step 1 - For this application on a late 1960's pony car, the wheel of choice features a mahogany wood grip, polished aluminum, three-spoke design with a billet horn ring and a black button trim ring. The wheel is 14.5-inches in diameter, has a 3-inch dish and includes a black styling sleeve. To make this work on your car you will need an installation kit. Total cost for both is around $200.00.
You'll Need an Installation Kit to Put a New Steering Wheel on this Late 1960's Pony Car
Step 2 - After you remove the old wheel, this is what you will see. You are now ready to install the mounting kit.
Remove the Old Wheel
Step 3 - Position the hub on the splined shaft so that your "top" mark lines up with the hub.
Position the Hub on the Splined Shaft
Step 4 - Press down firmly on the hub with your thumb(s), pushing it down as far as it will go.
Press Down on the Hub Firmly with Your Thumbs
Step 5 - Now feed the two horn wires through the black post cover and the black styling sleeve. Align the three holes of the post cover and the black styling sleeve with the hub and install the three shoulder bolts provided. When tightening the three bolts, keep in mind that they are not meant to hold the wheel to the hub, but only to position the wheel to the hub.
Feed the Two Horn Wires, Align the Holes, and Install and Tighten the Bolts
Step 6 - Now with a deep well socket, reinstall the center nut and tighten securely.
Reinstall the Center Nut Using a Deep Well Socket and Tighten
Step 7 - The install should now look like this.
What the Install Should Look Like
Step 8 - Next mount the wheel and the chrome outer ring with the five Allen screws.
Mount the Wheel and the Chrome Outer Ring with the Five Allen Screws
Step 9 - Plug the horn wires into the bottom of the black horn button and push the button into the center of the wheel.
Plug the Horn Wires into the Bottom of the Black Horn Button and Push the Button into the Center of the Wheel
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