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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Pedal Pushers
By Wayne Scraba/
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Degree of DifficultyDifficult
Estimated Time240 minutes
240 minutes
In addition, the basic transmission mount (affectionately referred to as the “mounting” in original GM parts catalogs) is similar for all examples. Aftermarket solid versions are available, but it has been our experience that these pieces are best left to the drag race-only crowd. Coupled with solid motor mounts, these parts have a tendency to bind the entire powertrain together too tightly. The result is often broken mount ears on four speed cases or completely fractured case assemblies on automatics. Stick with the OE style rubber hardware. Your transmission will be much happier and the restoration aftermarket has a full complement of replacement transmission mountings.
As you can see, swapping to a stick in a vintage car is generally a straightforward operation. You just have to know what fits what. For a closer look, see the accompanying photos.
Here’s a clutch linkage kit for a big block, which includes a special cross shaft, shaft to subframe mount, linkage rod from the cross shaft to the clutch pedal, pushrod from the cross shaft to the clutch fork, return springs along with various felt washers and hardware.
Big Block Clutch Linkage Kit
Stock automatic transmission pedal mounted within the steering column/pedal mount.
Stock Automatic Transmission Pedal
Reproduction pedal assembly.
Reproduction Pedal Assembly
The pointer shows the clip that must be removed prior to sliding the pedal pin out of the pedal mount. Once removed, you can reinstall the stick shift pedals (reverse order).
Pedal Pin Clip
This is a reproduction big block four-speed transmission cross member for a first-generation Camaro or a third-generation Nova. In the case of a big block, the engine and transmission are actually offset slightly to gain clearance. As a result, transmission cross members differ between big and small block cars.
Big Block Four-Speed Transmission Cross Member
There are any numbers of applicable transmission mounts available. Stock type reinforced rubber mounts, such as this pair, are highly recommended.
Transmission Mounts
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