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Do-It-Yourself Projects
All Choked Up
By Iain Ayre/
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Degree of DifficultyDifficult
Estimated Time180 minutes
180 minutes
The replacement manual choke kit may fit several different carbs, so choose the housing that fits the hole in the side of your carb.
Choose the Housing that Fits the Hole in the Side of Your Carb
The operating lever connects to what's left of the original choke operating mechanism, so that when you pull or push the cable, the spindle revolves and the butterfly opens and closes manually.
The Operating Lever Connects to What's Left of the Original Choke Operating Mechanism
The spindle is secured in the housing by a split pin, and the housing is screwed to the carb with the lever in the right place to operate the choke butterfly.
The Spindle is Secured in the Housing by a Split Pin
With the choke off, the cable connector is then clamped to the end of the spindle with the cable pull pushed fully home. Pulling the cable then operates the choke.
With the Choke Off, the Cable Connector is Then Clamped to the End of the Spindle
It's important to ensure that the cable has a nice smooth run with no tight corners to affirm consistent operation without hang-ups.
Ensure that the Cable Has a Nice Smooth Run with No Tight Corners
The outer cable is secured in such a way that it keeps the cable run smooth and even.
The Outer Cable is Secured in Such a Way That it Keeps the Cable Run Smooth and Even
The other end of the cable is fed through the firewall and mounted on or under the dashboard. Within reason you can put it where you like, as long you don't kink the cable.
Don't Kink the Cable
Finished and tested, no problem. The outer cable mounting could be more elegant, and the leftover inner cable needs trimming.
Finished and Tested
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