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Do-It-Yourself Projects
4-Speed Shifter Tech Tips
By Dave Anderson/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time240 minutes
240 minutes
In some instances, where the shift lever is not too worn or elongated, the metal can be swelled back to size using a center punch and ball peen hammer.
Sometimes the Metal Can Be Swelled Back to Size Using a Center Punch and Ball Peen Hammer
The Competition Plus shifter has holes correctly located front and back on the shifter body, properly positioned and ready to be drilled and tapped for the installation of shifter stop bolts.
The Competition Plus Shifter Has Holes Correctly Located Front and Back on the Shifter Body
The final drill size for the 3/8x24 thread tap is 21/64. Securely clamp the shifter in a vise. First use a pilot drill and then the 21/64 drill. Go slow to ensure a clean circular hole for the thread tap.
Securely Clamp the Shifter in a Vise
Tap the drilled hole with the 3/8x24 thread tap making certain to lubricate the tap as you create the thread. After the hole is tapped, use some carb cleaner and compressed air to clean any remaining filing from the shifter before installing the stop bolts.
Tap the Drilled Hole with the 3/8x24 Thread Tap
The shifter stop bolts are 1½-inch 3/8x24 thread bolts. A jam nut is utilized to lock the bolt in place after adjustment.
Shifter Stop Bolts Are 1-1/2-Inch 3/8x24 Thread Bolts
With the shifter stop bolts installed you have successfully upgraded your shifter. Time to reinstall the shifter, upgrade the fasteners and adjust thing right.
With Shifter Stop Bolts Installed You Have Successfully Upgraded Your Shifter
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