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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Water Pump Basics and Replacement
By Mike Bumbeck/
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Degree of DifficultyModerate
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Break loose but do not remove the pulley bolts before releasing the belt tension. The tension will prevent the pulley from spinning as you try to loosen the bolts.
Loosen But Do Not Remove the Pulley Bolts
Remove the belt tension on the pulley by adjusting the tensioner and loosening any attached accessories. In this case, the v-belt in use is shared by the alternator.
Remove the Belt Tension on the Pulley
Fully remove the drive pulley bolts. Then remove the pulley and belt to reveal the water pump.
Remove the Pulley and Belt to Reveal the Water Pump
Loosen the water pump bolts. Important! Take note of the bolt length and mounting location. This is crucial as the bolts extend into the engine and can cause serious damage if too long or reinstalled in the wrong location.
Loosen the Water Pump Bolts
Use a scraper to free the mating surface of all old gasket material and sealant.
Scrape the Mating Surface of Old Gasket Material and Sealant
Compare the old and new water pumps and be absolutely certain that the lengths of the bolts are the same. Use anti-seize compound on the bolts to prevent galling and aid in assembly. Keep compound off the first few threads.
Use Anti-seize Compound on the Bolts
Place a new gasket on the pump and install. Tighten bolts to recommended torque. Reverse removal procedure. Don't forget to close the radiator drain petcock.
Install a New Gasket on the Pump
Add a 50/50 mix of coolant to the radiator leaving an inch or more of space before the top of the filler hole. Start the engine and turn on the heater. As the vehicle warms up, add coolant to purge the cooling system of air pockets. Use caution, as coolant will become hot. Replace the radiator cap.
Add a 50/50 Mix of Coolant to the Radiator
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