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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Weather Strip Silence
By Mike Bumbeck/
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Degree of DifficultyEasy
Estimated Time120 minutes
120 minutes
Got Glue?
This type of glue is known as contact cement, for it sticks to things it makes contact with, and even better to itself. If your car or truck has been around long enough for a few presidents to come and go, or gets an unusual amount of sun, this glue can lose contact with the weather strip. Once the glue fails, the weather strip comes loose and newfound whistling and noise can make its way into the relative quiet of your cabin. Worse is that water can also make its way in. Rotten carpet, musty odors, and a rusty floor pan are right around the corner. Loose weather strip is also prone to getting pinched in the door and shearing. The fix is simple.
Step 1 - Here's the problem. The glue has simply given up after 20-plus years in the warm California sun.
Weather Stripping Glue Has Given Up After 20-plus Years in Warm California Sun
Step 2 - Clean and dry the weather strip and mounting surface with some Naphtha. Test fit the weather strip before applying adhesive.
Clean and Dry Weather Strip and Mounting Surface with Naphtha; Test First
Step 3 - Weather strip adhesive and contact cement is nasty stuff. Wear gloves, eye protection and disposable clothing. Do not breathe fumes. Use a rag to keep excess off painted surfaces.
Wear Gloves, Eye Protection and Disposable Clothing When Using Adhesive and Cement
Step 4 - Apply a thin layer of adhesive to both surfaces. Allow the adhesive to dry.
Apply Thin Layer of Adhesive to Both Surfaces; Let Dry
Step 5 - Align the weather strip and press firmly into place.
Align the Weather Strip and Press Firmly Into Place
Step 6 - Clean up any excess adhesive. If noise or leakage problems persist, the weather strip may be overdue for replacement.
Clean Up Excess Adhesive
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