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Do-It-Yourself Projects
Align It Yourself
By Tom Morr/
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Degree of DifficultyDifficult
Estimated Time240 minutes
240 minutes
Here's a detailed shot of the scribed line. Try to position the line on the tread blocks to make the line as continuous as possible for easier measuring. Perform the same steps on the other tire.
Detailed Shot of the Scribed Line
Measure from line to line with the tape level with the floor.                   
Measure From Line to Line
Measure again on the tires' backsides. Make sure that the tape is level and the same distance above the ground as it was for the front reading. Compare the two measurements to reveal the toe, accounting for measurements taken lower than at the tires' center for actual toe.
Measure Again on the Tires' Backsides
This vehicle exhibited 1/8-inch too much toe-in. The adjustment begins by loosening the tie-rod adjuster sleeves. Penetrating lubricant helps break the nuts loose.
Begin Adjusting by Loosening the Tie-Rod Adjuster Sleeves
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