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Obviously, we consider Mobil 1™ synthetic oil to be an outstanding product. But don’t take our word for it. Read through the following customer testimonials to learn how other fleet managers have benefited from making the switch to Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil.
To learn more about the Mobil 1 Fleet Program or request a free Total Cost of Ownership analysis, please call us at 1-877-MOBIL1F (662-4513) or Contact Us (select the Mobil 1 Fleet Program as your topic).
Middletown, New York, Police Fleet
The Tough Streets of New York
Middletown, NY, might not have the same crime rate as the Big Apple. But with its freezing winters, sweltering summers, and high number of four-way stops, patrolling the streets can be as tough on vehicles as anywhere. Read why they say, “Our experience with Mobil 1 clearly demonstrates that it pays for itself.”
Lucky Cab Company, Las Vegas, Nevada
High Performance in the Low Desert
The Lucky Cab Co. of Nevada has a fleet of over 200 vehicles that log more than 80,000 miles a year of stop-and-go driving, with long hours of idling in between. All in some of the most extreme conditions you’ll find anywhere. See how the benefits they’ve realized by switching to Mobil 1 can translate to your own fleet. Watch video
In the News
Massachusetts State Police to begin using Mobil 1™ Advanced Fuel Economy in 2,500 vehicles. Learn more.
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