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Avoid Driving BoredomNotes From The Road

10 Tips to Trump Driving Boredom
By Mike Bumbeck/

The very word automobile grew from an invention that enabled us to miraculously move ourselves about. Back in the days of handlebar moustaches and steam engines, the automobile was looked upon as an oddity of the super rich.

While we take automobiles almost for granted today, working folks of yesteryear could only dream of speeding down the road behind the wheel of a Stanley Steamer. As time went on the automobile became more affordable and utilitarian. Henry Ford and his desire to build a car for the masses changed everything with the Model T. In modern times the automobile has become an essential part of our lives. As with any aspect of modern society, driving can become drudgery if we let it happen. Don't let the joy of driving become lost on utility. Taking some simple steps can get you and your ride out of automotive dullsville.
The Road Less Traveled
If driving to work everyday is wearing on your patience and sanity along with your tires and brakes, then try an alternate route. If the main road is clogged with frustrated fellow commuters, then drop off the highway and onto the boulevard. Even if a road takes a little more time or goes out the way, the payoff of enjoying what was once a daily grind can be enormous. Besides, you might find a new spot for coffee or breakfast.
Get to Know Your Machine
The modern automobile is one of the most complicated and amazing machines a consumer can purchase. While every effort is made by the manufacturers to make motoring a trouble-free experience, the owner is not without responsibility for maintenance. Take some time out to thumb through the owner's manual. Find the section that shows how to check the oil, and locate what's where under the hood. Even something as simple as checking the tire pressure can make for a safer and better ride, along with saving fuel.
Happy Campers
Even though you may not be ready to pack it all in and hit the road of life in an RV quite yet, camping-by-car can be a fun way to get out of town with a minimum of equipment. If a minivan or SUV is in the driveway then a tent may not even be required. Fold flat rear seating and a cheap inflatable camping mattress can make for a fun weekend getaway. A great number of campgrounds have facilities as part of the price of admission. Bring flip-flops for the shower, and trunks for the swimming hole.
Try Motorsports
With even the average grocery getter of cars packing over 200 or more horsepower it might be time to consider amateur motorsports. Both drag racing and autocross have classes for completely stock cars. Most local drag strips host run-what-you-brung style bracket racing. Each driver enters a time and the clocks adjust for handicap. If cornering is more your speed then look into autocross events. Driving around a parking lot will never be more fun thanks to a course set off by orange safety cones. Check the rules before you go.

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