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Notes From The Road

10 Tips to Trump Driving Boredom
By Mike Bumbeck/

Road Trip!
This time honored tradition harkens back to the great American pioneers heading west in Conestoga wagon to find a new frontier. While planning ahead is all fine and good, sometimes it pays off just to get in and drive—discovering where you're going only once you get there. Bringing along the kids and sticking to the classics can also be rewarding. Plastic dinosaurs in the desert or the Mystery Caverns will never be more fun.
Those in the United Kingdom refer to a trailer used for camping out of doors as a caravan. Dodge saved itself from near-oblivion in the 1980s with a similarly named minivan. The caravan we're talking about is a multiple person cavalcade of cars. Find a destination everyone wants to go to and take along some two-way radios for between-car communication. Better still, turn the trip into a rally race of sorts by setting up predetermined checkpoints. Always obey the speed limit.
Don't Drive
While this may sound a bit counterintuitive, think of it like this. The simple act of turning the faucet and having water run out the spout never seemed so amazing until you carried water around for a week while camping for a week in the bone-dry desert. Taking some time out from driving to ride a bicycle, go for a walk, or even hike up a hill can make getting back behind the wheel that much better.
Leave It All Behind
The list of things people do while driving grows longer all the time with the increasing number of gadgets and gizmos we all depend on for modern life. Try driving one day where all the gadgets stay home. If you must take a cell phone, turn it off and put it in the glovebox for emergency use only. Choose a road that's fun to drive on and roll for relaxing gadget free drive.
Be Your Biggest Fan
Thanks to the miracle of the Internet there is now something for everybody when it comes to the cult of cars. Finding and conversing with fellow car owners is the provenance of the Internet forum. If you thought you were the only person in the world truly in love with their lemon yellow AMC Gremlin—think again. Somewhere out there is a forum of like-minded folks who drive or want to drive the same car or truck that you do. Finding and talking with them can be fun and engaging.
Back to School
A lot of us remember driver's education as a dreadful experience of embarrassing missteps punctuated by the sound of a scratching pencil on a clipboard of the drill sergeant of an instructor. While getting a driver's license may have been the goal of driver's education, learning from a professional driver can be a great deal more fun. Even one day of professional instruction on a closed racecourse can vastly improve the daily driving experience. Check your local racetrack for school schedules.

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