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Car Care Quiz
By Mike Bumbeck/

Test Your Mythical Car Care Knowledge -

With the sheer number of automobiles in the world, it's only natural that a number of myths, untruths, and misconceptions surround modern motoring. Some of these myths are harmless, while others can actually be dangerous! A blowout caused by an under-inflated tire can cause an accident. Other mistruths can result in neglect and end up as expensive repairs.

True or False?
Either way, knowledge is power—and it can pay off to test your car care knowledge by following along with this true or false quiz. The answers are already in there, so there's no need to cheat.

You can tell if a tire needs or has too much air just by looking at it.
You Cannot Tell if a Tire Needs or Has Too Much Air Just by Looking
FALSE:  A tire can be as much as 10 pounds per square inch low on air pressure and not show any outward signs. Tires will lose about one pound of pressure per month all by themselves. Not only will the correct tire pressure help tires last longer, it can also save money in fuel costs. Under-inflated tires create more rolling resistance, which will use more fuel. Checking tire pressure is easy and takes just a few minutes.
Putting premium gas in the tank will return a premium in performance.
Use Premium Fuel Only if Your Owner's Manual Calls for It
FALSE: Unless the engine under the hood was designed and built to take advantage of the extra octane in premium fuel, there is no point in paying the extra money per gallon. The numbers of high performance cars and trucks that actually require premium fuel is very small. Keep it regular unless the owner's manual calls for premium fuel.
If an air filter looks clean it's still okay.
You Cannot Assume an Air Filter is Okay if it Looks Clean
FALSE: An air filter traps dirt and junk so small that it cannot be seen. Even if an air filter looks OK, it can be clogged with crud. Once the small passages in the filter designed to catch dirt get clogged, the engine can have trouble breathing. Replacing an air filter is easy and inexpensive. The owner's manual will contain a maintenance schedule. Tip: air filters can get clogged quicker than normal in cities and dusty areas.
A good coat of wax can help keep paint looking good.
A Good Coat of Wax Can Help Keep Paint Looking Good
TRUE: A coat of quality wax not only keeps in the good stuff that keeps paint looking new, but it also repels the bad stuff. That thin layer of wax repels all manner of things that want to harm paint. Which wax to use is not as an important choice as actually using wax, any wax. Wax application is clearly a case of something is better than nothing.
Brake fluid lasts forever.
Brake Fluid Does Not Last Forever
FALSE: Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it has great ability to absorb water from the air. Over time this moisture can cause damage to the brake system, and dangerously lower the brake fluid boiling point. Brake fluid should be clear and transparent. Cloudy brake fluid means it is time for a change.

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