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Choosing Wiper Blades
By Mike Bumbeck/

Wiper Assembly
Next up the grade in windshield wiper improvement is to replace the entire wiper blade assembly. This type of replacement is best if both the rubber wiper refill and wiper blade assembly have seen their better days. Here is where upgrades to heavy-duty replacements can be made. Every penny counts on the assembly line. Factory wiper blades are often manufactured with low cost in mind. Aftermarket wiper blade replacements can bring improved performance with a simple remove and replace. Heavy-duty wiper blades specifically constructed for use in more severe weather are designed to move heavy snow and slush off the windshield. Some of these wiper blades are encased in an additional sleeve of rubber for added snow removing squeegee effect and protection from corrosive road salt.

Sport Mode
Choosing a sportier wiper blade upgrade may be the answer if most of your driving is done in a more temperate climate where heavy-duty or severe weather wiper blade upgrades are not required. Improvements in the rubber compound in the wiper material can help clear vision during more spirited driving. Multiple edge wiper blades satisfy the 'more is better' school of thought. Some sportier blades even feature built-in aerodynamic devices and foils designed to better hold the wiper blade down on the windshield during spirited or high speed driving. A vast array of colors and finishes are also available for a custom look along with improved performance.

Seeing Clearly
Whether you choose a simple refill replacement or an upgrade to multi-blade carbon-fiber finish custom units, the key is remembering to replace worn windshield wiper refills or wiper blades before the big storm or winter season hits. Attempting to drive through a heavy snowstorm in the middle of the night is absolutely the wrong time to find out the windshield wipers are not working as well as they should. A yearly checkup well before the big storm is lucid thinking. Replacing the wiper blades at regular intervals will help keep you seeing clearly in the worst driving conditions.

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