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Affordable Vehicle Fix-ups
By Steve Temple/

Fix up the Car Interior
When considering affordable fix-ups, here’s a good rule of thumb—literally. Go with items you can feel with your fingers, like console covers, shift knobs, and covers for the seats and steering wheel. A softer touch on older, worn parts makes them (and you) feel young again.
Remove Rust and Repaint
Live better through chemistry. Get some relief from those scaly parts by using a rust remover. Soak corroded components in an off-the-shelf solution for several minutes, and presto-chango, they’ll look as good as new. Well, almost. You may need to apply a fresh coat of paint, too.
Add Some Accessories
Adding a few simple accessories, such as a light bar, brush guard, aftermarket grille or custom hood can dramatically change the image of an older model, transforming a tired truck into a proper pickup.
Rims Match Paint Color
Paint tricks can really fool the eye, impressing onlookers with just a few simple techniques. Notice how the rims on this Nissan match the body color? And see how the two-tone paint scheme makes this Titan appear even bigger?
Consider Custom Paint or Paint Details
If custom paint is beyond your budget, or exceeds the value of the vehicle then go for some graphics. Vinyl overlays or even just pinstripes can give your ride a custom treatment.
Differential Covers Add Lube Capacity and Bling
Last but not least, don’t forget those somewhat less visible items, such as a custom cover for the differential. An aftermarket unit not only adds some bling, but also extra lube capacity and cooling fins for longer gear life.

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