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Time Machine
By Steve Temple/

Memory Lane Muscle
Revitalized Darts Are Faithful to the Original But With Modern Mechanics
While some say you can never go home again, who says you can't rumble in that general direction with the right ride? Norm Kraus can send you down memory lane short order with his new/old GSS Hemi Dart, offered as a limited run of continuation cars through Blue Moon Motorsports. These revitalized Darts are not only faithful to the original, but also enhanced with modern mechanicals.
"If we had had today's technology back then," Mr. Norm muses, "this is how the Hemi Darts would have been built." As a result, Mr. Norm's GSS Hemi Dart exceeds the performance of the original in every category, making it a far superior vehicle. Just like he did in 1968, Mr. Norm is once again revolutionizing the way performance vehicles are created and sold.
Custom Mods
Chassis Is Clothed in Original Dodge Sheetmetal With Modernized Underpinnings
While the chassis is clothed in original Dodge sheetmetal, Blue Moon installs modernized underpinnings. The mods start at the front with custom sub-frame connectors from Control Freak Suspensions (a division of Blue Moon). Mr. Norm specified that the front suspension system incorporate upper and lower control arms with coil-over performance shocks. And the whole K-member had to be crafted from stronger DOM seamless tubing. This suspension system eliminates old-tech torsion bars, and moderates under- and oversteer with a state-of-the-art, rack-and-pinion setup.
In the rear, the stock spring mounts have been relocated to new and stronger torque boxes. An updated Dana 60 rear end rides on Calvert Racing's adjustable, split monoleafs for crisper launch capability.
Rolling stock consists of new, vintage-style Hurst wheels engineered to fit four-wheel discs, supplied by Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation (with Tri-Power three-piston calipers in front). To accommodate the massive 285/40R17 Pirelli P-Zero ultra-performance tires, the rear wheel houses were enlarged by three inches.
With a well-reinforced chassis, upgraded suspension and brake technology, drivers can wind up the rear end with complete confidence and impressive authority. Excepting these modern touches, the car is remarkably authentic, right down to the fiberglass hood with Hemi scoop. Even the rear wheelwells are radiused much like the original to accommodate big meats.

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