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Time Machine
By Steve Temple/

Mopar Performance
Dual-quad 426 Hemi Is Stroked to 472 Cubes Generating in Excess of 650 hp
Under that lift-off hood, the dual-quad 426 Hemi is stroked to 472 cubes by VanGordon Racing, generating in excess of 650 hp. For the power hungry, an optional Super Stock 528 stroker with an aluminum block raises the output to more than 720 horses.
Funneling that flood of torque to the rear end is either a Bowler 727 Torqueflite or a Passion A833 18-spline 4-speed manual with overdrive. The slushbox is outfitted with competition-grade case, seals, intermediate band and steel components. The manual tranny is actuated by a Hurst competition Hemi shifter and Hays competition clutch with a Lakewood bellhousing.
The Eliminator 60 diff from Strange Engineering comes with a 4.10:1 ratio and 9.75-inch ring gear and features a nodular iron case and caps and adjuster nuts for easier setup. It's also machined to accept a Hemi adjustable pinion snubber. All told, this rear end is built to withstand as much as 850 horses.
Mr. Norm's Sport Club
Mr. Norm is Creating a Few More New Hemi Darts
While only a few Hemi Darts were built in 1968, Mr. Norm is now creating a few more. Each vehicle has its own production number and comes complete with build book, production sheet, and build order and is delivered by Mr. Norm himself, just as he did back in 1968. Mopar fans from the Sixties era may recall that members of the Mr. Norm's Sport Club received a monthly newsletter that kept them posted on all service and parts specials, sales contests, and special events which always gave the race car schedule, plus a subscription to "Drag News."
So what's it like to drive down Memory Lane with Mr. Norm? On the road, the car is a righteous ride, a genuine musclecar, only better. The Hemi Dart is infused with a no-nonsense personality that overwhelms the senses, starting with the earthshaking sound and feel of the exhaust note. Fire up that Hemi, and it resonates through your body like a massive wave of energy. Power and torque is not merely in abundance, but in excess. No matter what gear you're in, you can blow the tires right off Hemi Dart at will. Stomp the throttle, and you hurtle back in the seat, and through time as well, to that golden era when both muscle cars and Mr. Norm were kings.

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