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Notes From the Road Archive
DateName of the ArticleSynopsis of Article
October 2014Engine Protection through 454,155 MilesLoyal Mobil 1™ Oil User Sees Proof of Performance Firsthand in 454,155-mile Engine -  In early December 2013, Kernersville, N.C. resident and former automotive mechanic Don Sawvel began the process of...
September 2014Diagnosing Disc Brake ProblemsHow to Understand, Isolate, and Repair Disc Brakes - Squeak. Squawk. Squeal. Grind. It's the sound of brakes going bad. But how in the world do you know just what's going on with brakes by the sound t...
June 2014Removing Rust and PaintSandblasting or Chemical Dipping - Which is Better?Before you can begin restoring an older vehicle, you’ll need to strip off all the old layers of paint and rust from the body and frame. Sure, you can...
October 2013Tips on Buying Aftermarket WheelsLearn the Basics to Buying Aftermarket Rims and Tires - Wheels are usually what most people notice first on a customized vehicle. For car folks, they’re automotive jewelry, and no other modification h...
March 2013Alternating CurrentsUnderstanding Your Car’s Alternator - It’s no secret all cars need electricity to run. The battery provides the power, but it’s only good for a few miles before it tires. Keeping the battery topped up...
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