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Notes From the Road Archive
DateName of the ArticleSynopsis of Article
October 2012The Lightning Bolt Inside Your EngineHow Spark Plugs Work - The spark plug is a seemingly simple device, although it is tasked with a couple of very different, but very critical jobs. First and foremost, it creates (literally) an artific...
September 2012Spark Plug DiagnosisHow to Read the Signs - In times past, one of the easiest maintenance items on a vehicle was checking and changing the spark plugs. That was before engine compartments became shrouded in emission’s tu...
August 2012Tool Kit for Your TrunkThe Right Tools for Every Road Trip - Whatever the time of year, it’s a good time to think about a road trip tool kit for the trunk of your car. Mr. Murphy’s Laws tend to strike when or where you leas...
July 2012Stalled!What to Do When Your Car Quits on the Freeway – Think about it for a bit: You're cruising down the freeway at a leisurely rate. Traffic is "normal" for a workday, but you're okay with it. Out of the b...
May 2012Four Wheel Drive How-toGet to Know Your Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle - Plenty of folks buy a 4X4 pickup truck or SUV and never intend to take it off-road. In fact, plenty of those same folks never even think about actually usin...
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