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Windshield Chips, Dings and Nicks Notes From The Road

Windshield Chips, Dings and Nicks
By Amy Mattinat

Can it be Repaired, or Does the Whole Windshield Need to be Replaced?
It’s happened to us all: the painful sound of something solid – a rock or bit of debris – whacking your windshield. If you’ve had your car for a while and your windshield is immaculate, consider yourself lucky. For the majority of us, it’s happened… and probably more than once.

The windshield of your car ensures your safety while driving, but it is also prone to chips and cracks. So what should you do when it’s on the receiving end of a rock?
There’s no need for immediate worry if the chip is small. The good news is that it’s repairable instead of replacing the entire windshield. Repairing windshield chips can stop cracks from spreading and prevent the high cost of replacing the windshield. Prices vary from shop to shop, but on average, a chip repair costs around $50. Generally speaking, if you can cover the entire chip with a quarter, you won’t need to replace your windshield.
It’s best to do the repair as soon as possible, assuming that it is repairable. If you think the chip can be fixed, get an estimate from a glass repair shop. Next, call your insurance company to see if the repair is covered under your insurance policy. Typically, if you have full comprehensive insurance on your vehicle, the repair will be covered. However, each company has its own policy so it’s worth the call to find out.
When you take your vehicle to a glass repair shop – or, in many cases, the auto glass company will come to your home or office – the repair worker will “fill” most of the chip. This process is relatively simple and most chips can be repaired in half an hour or less. It may still leave a visible flaw, but will be much less noticeable. Moreover, the repair provides a strong bond that prevents further cracks.
In summary, if your windshield gets chipped, it’s a good idea to try to repair it as soon as possible so a crack doesn’t expand to cover large areas of the windshield. Long cracks cannot be repaired, and will require windshield replacement. Windshield repair, on the other hand, is convenient, allows you to keep the original quality glass and original factory seal, and is a fraction of the replacement cost.
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