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Used Oil Recycling
Used Oil Recycling
When you change your own oil, you take responsibility for properly disposing of your used oil, too. Mobil is here to help. Just enter your postal zip code in the Earth 911 locator below to find the location of the oil recycling or disposal facility nearest you.
To locate the nearest oil recycling or disposal facility, please enter your 5-digit zip code:
To locate your nearest Oil recycling
Center, please enter your ZIP Code:
1-800-CLEANUP |
ExxonMobil and Earth 911
With business activities in some 200 countries and territories on six continents, ExxonMobil realizes the potential environmental impact of its operations and, therefore, sets and maintains the highest standards for environmental stewardship. Because we believe protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, we've joined with Earth 911, a nonprofit network that provides immediate access to local environmental programs in the United States and parts of Canada, to make it easier for our customers to properly dispose of their used motor oil.
Help Protect The Drinking Water in Your Area
Each year in the United States alone, millions of gallons of used motor oil are improperly disposed, which can result in the contamination of lakes, rivers, streams and groundwater supplies. Recycling the motor oil from just one oil change can help protect one million gallons of drinking water! In addition, the used motor oil from your engine can take on a second "life" through re-use as a fuel in environmentally sound cement kilns or power plants. This can support the conservation of natural resources and help protect our environment.
For more information about Earth 911, go to or call 1-800 CLEANUP for quick access to information about recycling used motor oil and other environmental programs in your local area.
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