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Even if you don’t drive a racecar, the testing of Mobil 1™ synthetic oil in motorsports benefits your vehicle. For decades, we’ve been pushing Mobil 1 to incredible speeds and extreme temperatures, tweaking and reformulating to deliver the best performance — to you and pro drivers alike.

This dedication to improvement not only makes Mobil 1 the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, but also the lubricant of choice for premier racing series around the world, including Formula 1, Indy Car, WRC, Formula DRIFT, ALMS, Le Mans, NHRA, WTCC, DTM, BTCC Formula 3, Australian V8 Super Cars, Japanese Super GT, FIA GT, Formula Nippon and many others. Mobil 1 synthetic oil is the Official Motor Oil of NASCAR®.

Mobil 1 Racing™ Academy Game

Take on Formula 1’s Jenson Button and NASCAR’s Tony Stewart. Power ‘round hundreds of tracks created by players around the world or build your own track and challenge friends to beat your time.
Play the Mobil 1 Racing Academy game.

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